With a 30+ year career in analytics consulting and teaching and a passion for all things related to cooking, this is an effort to combine these two efforts.

The advent of social media and the internet combined with a continued production of fine cookbooks gives a cook an unprecedented amount of data.  This presents a situation that had been faced many times in my consulting career.  Consumers of this data think, “Wow this is great.  I have so much information.”   The reality is something different.  Yes, there is a lot of data, but to get information requires work;  requires patience; requires asking good questions.  In short requires analytics and the tools of analytics.  

A simple understanding may be that this can be used as a preference engine to better find recipes you might like.  But beyond that using the data to increase understanding through information will make you a better cook.

The posts will reflect deep dives into dishes understanding how they vary and why.  Through this the reader can gain insight into what defines their favorite recipes.

Bon Appetite!

Jeff Zeanah
President, Z Solutions, Inc.