Rethinking Julia's Chocolate Mousse

Zous Chef

Julia Child changed home cooking in America with the publication of Mastering the Art of French Cooking in 1961

Included in that edition was her now famous Mousseline Au Chocolate  

Revisiting that recipe several times over many years, I found my results were somewhere from spectacular to very good.

I pondered, "why the difference?"

The ingredients are rather straightforward...

...eggs, butter, chocolate, sugar, flavorings

But things have changed since 1961

Julia called for melting semi-sweet baking chocolate

But with the options we have today, what does that mean?

By experimenting, I learned that the perfect taste could be achieved. Just adjust the sugar based on the chocolate’s cocoa levels -- c'est la perfection !

Also, replace Julia's orange liqueur with raspberry liqueur and strong coffee with espresso


Now, the perfect chocolate  mousse every time.