Homemade  Southern BarBQ Sauce

Make your own sauces authentically and easily -- Customizing as you want.

  I studied over 100 recipes to get the best ideas for Southern BarBQ

I identified three predominant styles of Southern BarBQ sauce: ◦ Memphis  ◦ Texas ◦ Alabama

FYI, Carolina is a dressing, not a sauce

Whether you are grilling pork, beef, or chicken I have you covered. But first some Basic Concepts!

Basic Concepts

Tomato Base


You can make an excellent authentic sauce, and save time, by starting with ketchup.  Or, you can use tomato sauce for a fresher taste.

 Sweet and Tart


Brown Sugar or Molasses are best sources of sweetness. Vinegar (preferably apple cider) and Mustard will give you a bit of tangy offset.

Basic Concepts



Onions and garlic are a must.  Either powdered or fresh will do. Other flavors as you like: pepper, thyme, bay leave -- all have their place

 Make in advance


All the sauces are better if made in advance and allowed to mellow overnight.

Easy Memphis BarBQ Sauce Starting with ketchup, this is fantastic with the minimum of effort.

Alabama Red BarBQ Sauce Spicy, tangy, and synonymous with College Football -- this fresh sauce with a fresh approach is the best of homemade sauces 

Texas BarBQ Sauce Spicy and sweetened with molasses this is customized for beef brisket

Homemade Southern BarBQ Sauce