What is a Georgia Candy Roaster Squash? 

Large Radish

Actual name is:  North Georgia Candy Roaster Squash It is an indigenous American heirloom variety Cultivated and preserved through the Cherokee Nation since the 1800's

Large Radish

Available in the fall and winter Candy Roasters are valued because they store well through the winter

Yes they are sweet!

The skin is relatively thin and the flesh is soft and filled with seeds.

Large Radish

BTW, the sweetness increases with storage An excellent source of vitamin A & C And a great source of fiber

But how do you cook them?

They do roast well

Split them, seed them and season with salt pepper and your choice of spices.


For a special treat:

Roast and Purée

Roast, purée and roast again to increase the nutty taste.  Mix in some chopped pecans -- even better

You can likely find Candy Roasters at your farmers market... 

... and if you ask about how to cook them, you are likely to hear, "They are great in soup." 

Southern Version of Italian Pumpkin & White bean soup

Zuppa di zucca e fagioli bianchi

Featuring Candy Roasters, beans, collard and bacon